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Instructional Materials for the Stick


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The Sticktionary

$20.00 USD

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The Sticktionary is a 376 page reference devoted to the topic of chord construction as it applies to the Chapman Stick®. The Sticktionary contains over 2200 chord diagrams including; left and right hands, chord inversions, and High Bass 4th tunings. The book is written so that it will be applicable to any tuning set-up, provided that the melody side is tuned in uniform 4ths and the bass side is tuned in inverted 5ths (with the exception of High Bass 4th). In addition, the diagrams are designed to be used for any Stick instrument having 8, 10, or 12 strings.

Complimenting the chord diagrams are explanations of the chord constructs, “C” – notation for each shape, and interval identification on each diagram. The Sticktionary includes sections on harmony, polychords, chord inversions, and a section dedicated to charting out The Stick’s fretboard.


Big Book of Polychords

$10.00 USD

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The Big Book of Polychords is a 327 page reference devoted to the topic of polychords and their application to the Chapman Stick. Polychords is divided into two sections. The first section covers terminology, basic left and right hand chord glossaries, chord combination diagrams, and fundamentals of polychord construction. The second section contains over 250 pages of chord combination tables identifying a multitude of polychord constructs for each of the 12 keys. This text is applicable to any tuning setup, but the chord diagrams are of use only to instruments tuned with the melody side in uniform 4ths and the bass side in inverted 5ths.


19 Easy Stick Lessons





19 Easy Stick Lessons is a compilation of articles I wrote for Sticknews that were published between February 2005 and January 2007. As the title suggests, this eBook contains 19 different lessons spanning 61 pages with associated audio files.








Stick e-Lessons

$30.00 USD

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Stick e-Lessons is a structured lesson and exercise book for Stick players just starting out on the instrument and who want to become a competent Stick player quickly. The sub-lying objective of e-Lessons is to develop hand independence and interdependence – the biggest hurdle for new Stick players – with accelerated and concise exercises. Therefore, the lesson plan is aimed with the adult learner in mind. e-Lessons is a complete method book, starting with changing strings to employing harmonic techniques. The exercises are designed to progressively move you to newer zones on the fretboard, with each lesson introducing new chords or techniques and each exercise becoming more rhythmically challenging.


e-Lessons is specifically written and designed for 10 and 12 string instruments utilizing the following tunings: Classic, Baritone Melody™, Deep Baritone Melody™, and Matched Reciprocal™. e-Lessons is a true multimedia learning experience, incorporating; 162 pages of instructional text, pictures, diagrams, tables, and exercises; 2-1/2 hours of audio lectures & demonstrations; 1-1/4 hours of video lectures & demonstrations; and MIDI tracks for all exercises. Each page of e-Lessons is packed with information and no fluff.


The first of its kind for The Stick, e-Lessons is an interactive e-Book (PDF), which utilizes embedded links to activate playback of all audio (MP3), video (MPG), and MIDI pertaining to each topic and exercise. Ideally, e-Lessons and the accompanying media files are located on your computer for interactive playback. However, the entire text can be printed and the media files uploaded to an MP3 player, iPod®, or similar device.


On the audio tracks for each exercise, Chris plays each exercise as written and for additional assistance, each has accompanying MIDI. The MIDIs use an acoustic piano sound, with the stereo field fully separated to the left and right channels – representing the bass and melody sides of The Stick. With the MIDIs, you can slow down the exercises without distorting the actual pitch of the music. And by panning hard left or right, you can isolate the notes for either hand.


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