Tuned In

What’s it mean to be tuned in? A popular online dictionary defines tune (noun) as “an agreement in pitch; unison; harmony.” As a verb, its defined as “to bring (someone or something) into harmony” or, in the context of radio, “to adjust so as to receive the signals of a particular transmitting station.”

So often I find myself missing the larger blocks of time with God. While I don’t want to get trapped in any fixed procedure in my time with Him, I am careful not to be too rigid in when I read my Bible or pray, while being as regular in these moments as I can. But I tell you, because I “pray continually” and “give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thess 5:16-18), reading God’s Word is where I really falter.

Reading more in my next sitting to make up for it doesn’t mean anything, because it’s that daily immersion – not just reading – that tunes me in to God’s way of thinking. If the Father is speaking to me through His Word, but I’m not tuned in, how can I hear Him?  How can I be aligned with His will if I’m not aligned with His broadcast?

Now, I realize also that He’s broadcasting on a variety of frequencies, but if I’m constantly changing stations – either because it’s not my favorite song or there’s too many commercials – how will I ever really hear what He’s saying? In one breath I say, “God, I want to do your will,” only later to ask, “God, why won’t you tell me what you want me to do?” And only during moments like these am I really tuned in. Unfortunately, I more frequently hear Him say, “Because you’re not listening.”

Do you know anybody like this? One who asks a question but doesn’t wait for the response? Am I that impatient? Am I really not listening? Maybe I’m hoping God will unveil some new, hidden purpose He wants me to perform? And maybe that’s because I don’t like the ones He’s already asked me to do. Who am I to pick and choose which commands to obey? Am I His equal? Am I not His servant? Should I not be constantly tuned in to His Word and moving in accordance with His Spirit?

Of course I should. I must. Why do I allow myself to maintain such a cavalier attitude towards these things. Thirteen years ago, He gave me new life and showed me my purpose! And I was so fired up to finally know what it was. Is it too hard? Is it too high a price? Why am I looking so hard for a different one?

I realize, in writing this, that God’s will for me has never changed.  My purpose, given to me before He called me, is unchanged. And quite honestly, it’s a pretty good one. It’s the best! I think if I just stay on task and obey, I wouldn’t have to ask so many questions.

So, I guess, now that I’m tuned in, I can start to “receive the signals of His particular transmitting station,” and get the information and direction He’s sending my way.